Creating lasting memories for families affected by ALS.

Meet the people who battled ALS. They serve as the motivation behind Tossin’ Away ALS!

Tossin’ Away ALS Families

Meet some of the individuals and families living with ALS.

Meet Maceo Carter

  • Diagnosed 2016
  • Trip to Universal Studios California, 2018

Hello there! My name is Maceo Carter. I’m 43 years old and married to Maya Carter. I am the proud father to three wonderful young men. After months of wondering why the muscles in my arms and hands twitched so much, I asked my doctor during a routine physical and was referred to a neurologist for further testing. On June 3, 2016 I was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease but was told more testing needed to be done.

For those who missed Channel 3’s story about Maceo and Maya and their family’s trip to California, here’s the full, unedited version. This is WHY we started this organization. 💕 All the generous donations make it possible for these wonderful families to create memories together. 😊 Thank you for all the support! A special thanks to Heather Moore TV for writing this story. Wonderful work as always!

Posted by Tossin' Away ALS on Sunday, November 25, 2018
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