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Hello there! My name is Maceo Carter. I’m 43 years old and married to Maya Carter. I am the proud father to three wonderful young men. After months of wondering why the muscles in my arms and hands twitched so much, I asked my doctor during a routine physical and was referred to a neurologist for further testing. On June 3, 2016 I was diagnosed with a motor neuron disease but was told more testing needed to be done. 
November 8, 2016 is not my wedding day, the day my first son was born, or any other positive event with major significance in my life. It’s the day my diagnosis was confirmed as “Early Onset ALS.” Upon receiving the diagnosis, I watched my wife cry and run out of the doctor’s office. With that one statement, our lives changed forever. I immediately thought about my children and the emotional impact it had on my wife just hearing those words. How would we ever be able to discuss this news with our children? We never asked, “Why me?” or “Why us?” My wife chooses to use phrases such as, “Why not us?” or “If not us, then who?” or “Who else would we wish this on?” The answer is sweet, simple and easy… No one! 
We share a strong faith in God and know this is just setting the stage for an amazing blessing! We choose not to look at ALS as the end something but the beginning of a testimony. 
I work as a Software Test Technician II for Shutterfly, Inc and have been with the company for five years. I enjoy what I do. Since my diagnosis, my job has provided a sense of normalcy that helps with the day-to-day living that are part of having ALS. After research done by my wife, she discovered there were numerous benefits to living with ALS in Arizona… the Mayo Clinic being the biggest benefit of all. Although I was at a caring and loving ALS clinic in Charlotte, NC, we felt it was time to look at different healthcare options. The Mayo Clinic is a world-renowned facility and provides excellent care. My wife called the Mayo Clinic to see if they were taking new pALS (patients with ALS) and was told they had a number of doctors who could help if we could get to Arizona. 
We left everything we knew to start over. My wife and I had never been to Arizona, but we believed this was the move we needed to make. We started a GoFundMe page and were able to move to AZ! Since the move, I’ve been able to continue working from home. My wife and I have lost more than 100lbs between the two of us. Our two youngest boys have adjusted to new schools. My health has deteriorated slowly which, with this disease, is the best thing to hear. And we’ve met some amazing people who are doing amazing things in the fight against ALS. We understand this is a journey and keep our faith in all things yet to come. 
“Love and Faith Will See You Through” 
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